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Need hands-on support from a partner who can help you meet your goals and achieve the results you want? Feel free contact me for virtual one-to-one coaching. In these sessions, we are going to work together to identify your vision and create crystal-clear goals for your ultimate success as a college student. Together, we will uncover any hidden challenges that may be slowing you down or keeping you from getting the results you want or need. You will leave these sessions feeling renewed, inspired and ready to tackle the challenges in your life easier than before.


Coaching is not counseling as it does not focus on exploring your past and healing. Rather, coaching is solutions-based and focuses on your future. Coaching is about growth and strengths-building, all of which can give you a sense of freedom and clarity. As a college life coach, my role is to identify your potential and encourage, empower and equip you to take strides towards embracing it.

During our session(s), we can discuss issues you might be facing as a college student, of which may include:


juggling multiple responsibilities

time/attention management


discovering your purpose

dealing with stress

exploring your identity

building courage and confidence

developing public speaking skills

identifying your talents and passions

clarifying your values



My vision: A world where every college student is happy and thriving. With this vision in mind, my goal is to provide access and support to college students to normalize, validate and affirm their experiences. I believe you are great and I want to have a hand in their greatness. Also,


I also recognize that we live in a connected, yet disconnected world where we remain in contact or communicate via social media, but true connections aren’t made through those venues in ways that bring about transformation or allow one to truly feel supported. In an isolated world, you need as much support as you can get to brave through the rigors of college life. I want to provide a “community of accountability” for students as I know that these supportive relationships lead to greater success where students are 80% more likely to achieve their goals.

So, if you are ready to pursue the best version of yourself, drop me a message on the contact form if you have questions.

Pictured below: Me with my coachees during the weeklong National Leadershape Institute in Dover, MA- May 2017. So proud of these college students who successfully identified their BIG VISIONS and developed their goals based on their passions.




    “Dr. IJ is an amazing student life coach. She possesses a cheerful aura that prevented moments from getting dull and boring. Usually I’m really shy in terms of sharing my past and experiences, but she showed that she cared.” an huynh, wentworth institute of technology

    “I spent an entire week at a leadership institute where Dr. IJ was the head of my group. I immediately could tell that she has a great heart and is really dedicated to her work with students. She did a wonderful job facilitating my group and beautifully communicated with us. I loved my one on one time with her. I digested everything she had to offer. Hearing her observations about me helped me to embrace what I have and learn how to be more confident in my influence over others. Her feedback meant a lot to me, it was touching, and I am so humbled that she reached out to me in this way. I’m so happy that I got to meet such a wonderful human being. She helped me greatly as she was the coach that got the most out of me. She allowed me to be more vulnerable and learn that being this way is such a relief and okay thing to do.” –george l., university of massachusetts

    “My experience with Dr. IJ was truly an eye-opening one in regards to what I am capable of when we have an experienced and genuinely caring person guiding us along the way. Being a part of her small family cluster during LeaderShape was a gift because we got to observe and learn how to lead and facilitate productive conversations by example; truly essential to finding solutions. Dr. IJ constantly radiated authentic warmth, joy, insightful/motivating advice, and openness in helping and including others, so approaching her never felt burdensome. Her answers and guidance were always rooted in truth, knowledge, concern and she delivered it in a gentle and productive manner. She has an obvious and easy emotional connection to others and demonstrates such a vast understanding of the many resources available. The results of having Dr. IJ as a catalyst in my life will never be forgotten.” –theresa n., texas woman’s university

    “It has been a pleasure and an honor to be coached by Dr. Nwaogu.  I first heard of Ijeoma after joining the LeaderShape webinar on ‘The Importance of Self-Efficacy in Leadership’. I found her perspective and knowledge regarding leadership extremely fascinating and intriguing.  Immediately after the webinar I emailed her expressing my interest in leadership coaching and my journey began.  My coaching experience with Ijeoma has been extremely insightful, it has been a great way for me to establish my professional goals by creating and executing my professional leadership plan.  She has been a great sounding board.  If you want to enhance your leadership skills and gain clarity of your leadership goals, then you should contact Ijeoma today!” –letisha h., tulane university



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